Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday, 1st February 2013. Final Results.

I write this from the back of the Service car as we grind our way back up through France.

The results are confirmed. The CRX89B team has done enough to fight back and win Class 11/1 for 1962-65 cars of 1300cc or less. A fantastic achievement for the team to have won this class for two years in succession.

In finality our overall placing was 86th which is a fair result given the timing challenge we had given ourselves at the outset.

We also placed first amongst all the Minis, and were the best placed British competitor.

Team GB placed 15th of 24 finishing teams.

Team GB results are:

1 - Vines / Moss - Austin Mini Cooper S - 86th

2 - Ring / Cave - Datsun 240Z - 97th

3 - Mustarde / Thorpe - Alfa Guilietta - 124th

4 - Ostle / Brack - Morris Mini Cooper S - 142nd

5 - Richards / Morrow - Morris Mini Cooper S - 176th

6 - Roberts / Tomlinson - Fiat 128 Coupe - 211th.

RTD - O'Nion / Wilkinson - Imp.

Amongst the Minis final positions are:

1 - Vines / Moss - 86th

2 - Picquier - 92nd

3 - Nakagawa / Morikawa - 133rd

4 - Ostle / Brack - 142nd

5 - Arnal / Arnal - 143rd

6 - Burnier / Alibaux - 147th

7 - Hart / Hart - 152nd

8 - Richards / Morrow - 176th

9 - McAlpine / Gallagher - 182nd

Gary / Blumenthal - Fan belt issue in ZR14

Thus ends the 2013 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.

Next year is the 50th anniversary of Paddy Hopkirk's win on the Monte Carlo rally, so it is widely anticipated that the Mini contingent will be well represented. We will be back.

Pictures coming later.


Hi Noon, and the results have arrived, confirming class win for Team CRX89B. L-R: Nigel Chetwynd, Willy Cave, Peter Moss, Al Vines.

The Picquier / Picquier Mini which led the Mini pack for most of the rally.

The Picquier team

The Arnal / Arnal Team of whom we saw quite a lot during the rally

Bill Richards (right) with Justin Jeffery (centre) of Mini Spares - our joint sponsor.

Team CRX89B - L-R: Al Vines, Peter Moss, Nigel Chetwynd, Lisa Thornton.

Birthday lunch for Willy cave

Willy Cave - still going strong at a mere 86 years old this time around.

Loaded up and ready for the long haul home

Les vanquers - Rally Winners Gerard Brianti & Sebastien Chol with their Alpine A110

Class winners - Peter Moss & Al Vines in Class 11/1 up to 1300cc 1962-65

CRX89B - Winning Team L-R: Peter Moss, al Vines, Lisa Thornton, Nigel Chetwynd.

A one hour video of the rally highlights for the winning Mini team. - Compelling viewing - be warned!

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