Friday, February 1, 2013

Thursday 31st January - Final day and Night

The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique has finally rolled into town.

At the end of the Common Run Part 2 from Gap to Monte Carlo we were 119th, with Ginger Ostle at 127th, thus we maintained our new position as class leader in Class 11/1.

The CRX89B team set out with the target of pushing into the top 100 and maintaining position in the class. Ahead of us are the Picquier Mini, and two Brits - John Roberts and Oliver Tomlinson in the Fiat 128 Coupe from Team GB and Graham and Graham in a Lancia Fulvia from the Irish Rally Drivers Team.

ZR 13 - Col de Castillon - Dry for the most part, very long at over 40km and icy for 3km at the top, this was a tremendous fight. We overtook three cars and caught a fourth. We caught and overtook the Minis of Nakagawa and Arnal in one go on the same corner.

ZR14 - Utelle to La Tour sur Tinee - Very twisty, no barriers, big drops, no ice but damp and very slippery. Nearly came to grief three times because the front tyres were going off - too much stud and not enough rubber.

ZR15 - Col de Turini - A classic Monte Carlo stage - dry going up, and icy down hill for about 3 or 4km - overtook three cars in this bit, then had a tremendous tussle with a VW Golf the whole way down the mountain, before shaking him off toward the end.

Safely back in Monte, it is traditional for teams to take a little beer in the harbour front cafe, before bed at about 5am.

Results are published at 12.00 Noon today - Friday 1st Feb, and we are hopeful of a good result.

In Team GB - the leading Fiat of John Roberts had a brush with the scenery which affected the scenery on ZR14, so they returned to Monaco without doing the Turini.

The other British contender of Graham in the Lancia had electrical problems on the auto route after the last stage and checked in 25 minutes late to the final control.

Amongst the Minis, Bill Richards and John Morrow suffered a puncture in the Turini stage, which had to be changed and cost them alot of time.

Other war stories will no doubt come out as we gather for a coffee on the harbour front in the morning sun and await the results.


Service for the final night - A8 La Turbie sortie

Service for the final night - A8, La Turbie sortie

Guardian angels - Checking that all is ok before dashing to the first service point

....and we're off - into the night...

Pleased to be back safe, and fairly sure that we have won our class.

A thrilled Hart pairing with Auto-BMC team - pleased to have made it safely

Celebratory beers on the prom in Monte-Carlo - about 3.00am

30 Minute film of the highlights from the Common Run Pt2 from Gap to Monaco

30 Minute film of the Final Night - The Mountain Circuit

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