Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday 26th January, Tyre Calibration in France

We had a good run down to the coast in beautiful sunshine, light traffic and without hold up. Fish'n chips on the ferry and a nap saw us refreshed for the tyre calibration run down the auto route to Reims.

Time, speed and distance are everything on this rally, so it is vital to to ensure that every set of tyres are assessed against the Halda Twinmaster distance recorder.

We incurred a minor inconvenience with a broken wheel stud that was quickly changed, but otherwise all is well and every thing is now set up.

The car is loaded back onto the trailer and we have another 50km to run to Reims for our overnight halt before the start tomorrow evening.


Wheel & Tyre calibration - Lisa & Nigel change wheel & tyre assemblies, while Peter attends to adjustments to the Halda distance recorder.

Broken front wheel stud - fortunately we had plenty of spares.

L-R: Willy Cave, Al Vines, Peter Moss, David Ring

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