Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday 28th January - Classification Section Pt1 - ZR 1 and 2

A quick overview - no snow too warm. ZR 1 Burzet went ok, came out 50th. ZR2 Antraigues better, and wound up 40th. Picked up penalties - possible check in too early at Blod - now 170th!

Roof top breakfast for Nigel and Lisa the morning after the Concentration run

Peter Moss wrestling with the Halda gears

Team GB - Mustarde and Thorpe catch 40 winks after the Concentration Run at valence MTC

Photo: Lisa.  Nigel setting up to receive us at Beauchastel service

Photo: Auto-BMC.  Anthony and Tessa Hart driving for Team Auto-BMC

Photo: Nicolas Nogue.  Team GB - Al Vines and Peter Moss pushing on in ZR1 Burzet

Team GB - David Ring and Willy Cave

Bustling service area at Burzet

Here a 20 minute video of ZRs 1 and 2

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